Here's another great song for which there are no accurate chord charts that I could find online. This song is from the wonderful movie called "Once" featuring Glen Hansard.

The original song looks like it's in an alternate tuning, but using Capo 4 in standard tuning can get you very nice results and that's what I'm posting here below

Glen Hansard -- Say It To Me Now


C   Cmaj7  C7   Am (x2)

                   C         Cmaj7                C7      Am
Scratching at the surface now,     and I'm trying hard to work it out
                         C    Cmaj7         C7           Am
So much has gone misunderstood,    and this mystery only leads to doubt

And I didn't understand,
Em                                  F
   When you reached out to take my hand
Em                               Dm
    And if you have something to say, 
    You better say it now...

C                                   (Caug)
     Cuz this is what you've waited for
Am                         F
Your chance to even up the score
C                        (Caug)
     And as these shadows fall on me  
Am             F
now I will somehow (Yeayeah)

C                                (Caug)
     Cuz I'm picking up a message Lord
Am                                     F
    And I'm closer than I've ever been before
C                               G
    So if you have something to say
              F    G
Say it to me now
              F    G
Say it to me now
              F    G
Ooooh  Oh Oooh Oh

OUTRO:  C  Csus2  C  G/B  C