The light is getting dark now by the time my students leave after lessons. It feels like only a few weeks ago there was still sunshine coming through the windows as we played.

So much for summer. Here'e a great song to remind us of those sunny days. I couldn't find accurate chord sheets for this song online so here it is: "June Hymn" by he Decemberists

The Dsus2/4 chord is a D major chord with an added 2 and a 4. The way to play this is to take a standard C-chord shape and slide it up two frets, like this: X54030

The Decemberists - June Hymn



G                  G/F#           Em   
Here's the hymn to welcome in the day,
G           G/F#           Em
heralding a summer's early sway and all the bulbs are coming
C   C/B      Am       C/B
in        to begin
    C                 C/B             Am                Am/G     D/F# (x2)
The thrushes bleating battle with the wrens disrupts my reverie again  

G       G/F#            Em
Pegging clothing on the line
G        G/F#           Em
Training jasmine how to vine up the arbor to your 
C    C/B    Am     C/B
door,   and more
       C               C/B              Am                 Am/G          D/F# (x2)
You're standing on the landing with the war you shouldered all the night before

C                  D                    G               C 
And once upon it,  the yellow bonnets,  garland all the lawn
Am                     D                     G              C
And you were waking   and day was breaking,  a panoply of song
Dsus2/4             C                G  C  G  C
And summer comes to Springville Hill

G                  G/F#           Em   
A barony of ivy in the trees,
G                 G/F#      Em
expanding out its empire by degrees And all the branches burst to
C     C/B      Am       C/B
bloom   in the boom
C                 C/B         Am         Am/G           D/F# (x2)
Heaven sent this cardinal maroon to decorate our living room

>> Repeat CHORUS

C               D                Em          C
And years from now when this old light isn't ambling anymore
Am      D/F#            G      G/F#        Em 
Will I bring myself to writ-e-ite-e-ite-ite-e-ite
C                 Dsus2/4           G  C  G  C
I give my best to Springville Hill

>> Instrumental VERSE

>> Repeat CHORUS

repeat last line or chorus
end on G  C  G  C