Coco Cinders starring in Motown Burlesque

We've combined the soulful, booty-shakin' sounds of Motown with some of Vancouver's sexiest burlesque beauties.

All the music is performed by a live band, fronted by guitarist Blue Morris. Featuring groovy choreo by Ruthe Ordare and Connie Cahoots.

We'll be swinging and swaying to songs exclusively from the Motown record label such as The Four Tops, The Supremes, the Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Jackson 5 and more!

This is an event you won't want to miss so Let's Get it On!


"Motown Burlesque tore my roof off!" --Claire Roberts

"That was so amazing, the whole night! ... I'm going to run out of adjectives." --Baron S. Cameron, Photographer

"One of the best burlesque shows I have seen. And the live band added so much." --Trudy Gee

"I would pay to see this show again and again" --Tijana Popovic

"Best burlesque show I have ever seen. The live music makes such a difference" --Alison Kowalchuk

"I would pay double the price to see this show. Worth way more than the cover" --Monika Lux

"What a great show!!! Music was fabulous, singers were was just a really great time." --Geri Guemos

"This show was burning up with awesome! The music was stand-alone epic, and add killer burlesque on top of that. Wow! You were all fabulous!" -- Vava Vunderbust, burlesque performer

"So. Much. Awesomeness." --Jenette Barry

"Nearly screamed myself hoarse at Motown Burlesque last night. Great show, amazing burlesque." --Jenette Barry

"Such a fantastic show!" --Celia Winters