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Break Out of the Pentatonic with Double Stops

These simple suggestions will help you break out of the pentatonic scale by harmonizing melodies on the guitar using thirds, and Jimi Hendrix style double stops -- play two notes at once, easily! Are your guitar solos and improv all sounding the same?

Feeling stuck in the pentatonic scale? Double Stops are a quick and easy way of playing bigger, two-note at the same time licks in your solos. And they are an essential guitar technique. They help our lines sound more connected with the chords underneath.

Above is just a sample of the tabs. The complete tabs for this lesson are available on our Patreon group, Guitar Lessons Vancouver.

Guitar tab for Hendrix Hammers and Double Stop 3rds

Book cover for Guitar Soloing Like a Pro

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Remember to check out my guitar instructional books available on Amazon. "Guitar Soloing Like a Pro" and the acoustic-focused "Guitar Strumming Like a Pro" are both available in paperback and Kindle formats, and include MP3 downloads with examples and jam tracks to practice along to.

It's one thing to be able to play a lick, it's another to have it so well memorized you can use it at any moment in any song. Often that comes from truly understanding how to lick was built. The practice tips in our Patreon group will help you understand how to play double stops in thirds, all the way up and down the major scale.

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This is very useful thank you! It opens the way to do more improvising while playing lead.

Me gusta
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