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Neil Young Guided Jam Track

I am experimenting with a new style of video guitar lesson and I've finished the first one. I made this video for some of my Vancouver guitar students who are learning how to improvise solos. Now I'm sharing it on Youtube, free for anyone.

Screen capture from the Neil Young guided jam track for guitar

The video starts by demonstrating some easy licks in the style of Neil Young. These licks are all in E minor pentatonic -- some in open position, some at the 12th fret. After that there is a jam track that you can play along to and try out any of the licks from the first part.

Tablature is displayed on the screen as I play the licks at the beginning. You can pause the video to read the tab on the screen.

I hope to be posting more videos soon, including some videos that will help you play some classic guitar solos note-for-note, starting with a slower-speed jam track and gradually getting faster each time.

I'll be using a new YouTube account for these videos under the name GuitarLessonsVancouver. Please consider subscribing to my channel as I plan to do lots more videos in the future.

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