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- Break out of the pentatonic box 
- Learn to solo over chord changes
- Master next level techniques 

Includes access to download 50 audio examples demonstrating the exercises in the book!

Guitar Soloing Like a Pro - Book 1


This book is for anyone who enjoys playing solos on the guitar, or would like to learn how. Do you know your basic pentatonic shapes but get tired of playing the same things all the time?

There is so much more to soloing than just the pentatonic boxes.

This book will help you break out of your well-worn habits. Stop meandering around the scale and choose notes with purpose.


Understand basic harmony and make great musical choices on the fly.

- The best places to bend notes
- Add texture using double-stops
- Improvise over chord changes
- Target chord tones in your licks
- Easily add arpeggios and chords

Using the easy techniques in this book, you'll start improvising solos with harmonic interest, without barely thinking. 

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