Guitar Lessons in East Vancouver

Take guitar lessons with musician and guitar teacher Blue Morris. Learn to play your favourite songs on acoustic guitar or learn how to nail a tasty solo on your electric guitar. I can help you reach your goals here at Guitar Lessons Vancouver.

I teach all ages and all levels, beginner to advanced. I create customized lessons for each student, based on your current ability, that way you learn faster and it's more fun.

"I can’t thank you enough for the guitar lessons, for how fantastic you have been as a teacher! I sing your praises to everyone." -- Kelly Turncliff

336 East 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC

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Why take guitar lessons with Blue?


  • Learn from a full-time professional musician who has performed across North America, who lives and loves music every day.


  • I have being playing guitar for over 30 years, with over 10 years as a teacher and professional working musician.


  • My goal in teaching is to show others how much fun music is.


  • I teach guitar in a student-focused manner. We work towards your goals, on the music you love.


  • Whether you want to learn to play "just for fun," or develop your skills to "performance level," I love teaching guitar, and it shows.

What's stopping you from learning guitar this year?

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