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Guitar Chord Charts

How many times have you looked up chords online for a song you want to play and you find that it just doesn't quite sound right? The reason is, most of the charts on sites like Ultimate Guitar are submitted by users -- and those users could be anyone.

In other words, many of the chord charts have errors, are incomplete, or are just plain wrong.

These charts are all correct, written out by me, and used hundreds of times with my guitar students.

Having taught guitar lessons here in Vancouver for over a decade, I've written out so many chord charts and lyric sheets for students and I want to share some of them with you, totally free.

The songs I'm choosing to start with are songs that are all fairly easy for beginning guitar players to learn. They use mostly open-position chords. Some may have a bar chord or two. I have simplified a couple of the charts to take out some of the extra detail that we wouldn't likely play if we just wanted to strum and sing the songs anyway.

If you are in the Vancouver area, consider taking some guitar lessons with an experienced teacher who can help you improve your skills far faster than most can do on their own or online.

Lots more will be added as I have time to post them here. Enjoy!

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