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Here are some of the things students have said about Blue Morris' Guitar Lessons:

"Blue is an incredibly gifted musician and teacher. He blends the deep knowledge of a professional musician with the passion and patience of a memorable teacher.

"His willingness to let the student set the course for their own education really sets him above other instructors.

"His passion for music is contagious."

-- Ryan Marsall, student


"What I believe sets Blue apart from instruction I have received in the past is his capacity to bring out the natural musician in his students. While Blue is an incredibly gifted musician, for myself the most beneficial skill he has introduced is the ability to 'feel' music.

"His focus is not just on teaching how to play the correct notes, but also on understanding how music functions on the whole.

"Under Blue's instruction, I have not only been able to learn specific songs, I have also built the foundation to develop my own sound and create my own music."

-- Vincent Weber, student

"Blue is one of those unique teachers that inspires his students to do their best. I have been wanting to learn guitar since I was 7 years old, but never got the motivation to pick it up until I was 23. Luckily, when I finally decided to take guitar lessons, I chose Blue to be my teacher.

"He has taught me so much more than just how to play the guitar. After leaving class, even though my fingers hurt, I always wanted to keep playing. I now feel inspired and love playing guitar! After only 5 months, I feel like I can play anything.

"By believing in me, he has given me the confidence I needed to further my learning. I am moving away from Vancouver so unfortunately I have to stop lessons with Blue, but no one will ever be able to replace him!"

-- Jasmine Romkey, student

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