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Guitar Lessons

I specialize in guitar lessons for beginner and intermediate students. I create customized lesson plans for every student so you're not stuck having to practice music you don't enjoy.

  • learn how to play the songs you love

  • set your own goals

  • play guitar like a pro

  • appreciate music on a deeper level


My focus is to get you playing guitar as fast as possible. With the right tips we will improve your current skill level and target your particular goals.

You'll learn proper technique and I'll make sure you don't learn any bad habits. 

Most importantly, we'll have fun playing guitar!

Lesson Waitlist


My waitlist for lessons in Vancouver is probably over a year at this point. If you're interested in improving your skills on electric guitar and soloing, you might want to try out our Patreon group first.

Please note: I am not doing any remote teaching these these days. All lessons are here in Vancouver.

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  • Patreon
Your First Guitar Lesson

We start by chatting about your goals. I will ask you what your experience is with music and guitar (and if the answer to that is "no experience whatsoever," fantastic!), then we'll talk about the kinds of music you want to play.

If you're a beginner: I'll give you a tour of the guitar, so you know which way is up, and how to strum it with correct technique so you won't learn any bad habits. Then we'll get working on your first song.


I'll show you how to play the song and give you some extra tips to make it easy. At the end of the lesson you will have a better idea of what it will take to learn guitar, and you'll walk away being able to play at least one song!


If you have some guitar experience: First we will talk more about what you know already so I can get an idea of where we should start. Then I'll give you some ideas on directions we can take in the lessons that will boost your skill level and understanding of music.


We'll do some jamming or work on a specific song. At the end of the hour you'll have a better idea of what's required to take your guitar playing to the next level, and a plan for doing so.

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