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"Seven Wonders" - Fleetwood Mac guitar chords

I'm not sure why but Fleetwood Mac seems to be very popular again all the sudden, and not necessarily the songs you'd think. I've had many requests for later Fleetwood Mac, including the 80s. I've also seen Fleetwood Mac T-shirts everywhere on young people here in Vancouver where I teach guitar. And this week I've had two requests, one for "Sara" and another for "Seven Wonders." I didn't even remember this song until I listened to it again.

Fleetwood Mac Seven Wonders album cover

There aren't any good charts on-line for this song if you just want to strum acoustic guitar and sing. I've made this CAPO 4 version which works well. Now you don't have to keep playing that painful B major bar chord!

One curious thing about the lyrics that I found when I looked them up. At first, I though this second line must be wrong. Surely he's not singing these lyrics as most people write on the internet:

"You touched my hand all the way, all the way down to Emmiline"

It doesn't seem to make any sense. Emmiline isn't a place that I know of. Or a person. But some people say that the origal lyrics was supposed to be "you held the line," but Stevie Nicks heard it as "Emmiline." Supposedly, Nicks has also been quoted as saying that she made it up.

Here are the guitar chords I've used in my lessons here in the Vancouver studio:

Seven Wonders - Fleetwood Mac



G Am F (repeat 4x)


F C Am G

So long ago certain place certain time

F C Am G

You touched my hand all the way, all the way down to Emmiline

F G Am F

But if our paths never cross, well you know I'm sorry but



If I live to see the seven wonders


I'll make a path to the rainbow's end


I'll never live to match the beauty again, the rainbow's end


G Am F (repeat 4x)


F C Am G

So it's hard to find Someone with that kind of intensity

F C Am G

You touched my hand I played it cool And you reached out your hand for me

F G Am F

But if our paths never cross Well you know I'm sorry but

repeat CHORUS


G Am F (repeat 6x)


F C Am G

So long ago It's a certain time It's a certain place

F C Am G

You touched my hand and you smiled, all the way back you held out your hand

F G Am F

If I hope and I pray, oh it might work out someday

>> repeat CHORUS x3 <<

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