Blue Morris currently performs with country artist Taylor-Rae. Their first album "Backseat Driver" was released in June 2019.



Winners of the 2018 Roxy Breakthrough Project, Taylor-Rae and the Backseat Drivers are a versatile band performing a variety of different genres from Country to Classic Rock. The Backseat Drivers are a group comprised of Cody Fox, Ryan Brown, Blue Morris and James Zielke. These talented musicians are extremely versatile performers who amaze the audience with their vocal and instrumental prowess.

With her debut album ‘Backseat Driver’ topping the iTunes Country Chart at #6 and its first 2 singles ‘Take Me Out Dancing’ and ‘Nashville’ finding success at Canadian Country Radio, Taylor-Rae is paving a name for herself in the music industry with her heartfelt songwriting and powerful vocals.

Unlikely Rockstars


The first album of original music by Blue Morris, "Unlikely Rockstars," was released in 2016. You can buy or stream the album from Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and others.

The album has ten original songs and was produced by Red Heartbreaker. The music has a vintage folk-rock vibe, loaded with sweetly driven guitars, thick vocal harmonies and vintage organ. Each song tells a story about regular Vancouver people who are all unlikely rockstars in their own ways.

The band features the same talented people you see Blue performing with on a regular basis:

Red Heartbreaker - guitar, backing vocals
Alex Kelley - bass, keys, backing vocals
Eric Rasmusson - drums

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