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Folk Rock Jam Track in C Major

I've noticed that YouTube has a ton of blues jam tracks online (and blues guitar lessons), and it's a great resource for practicing your solos and improvisation. But there is a dearth of good jam tracks for other genres, especially for straight ahead country and folk-rock.

And so I'm putting some time into creating some great guitar jam tracks and lessons on my GuitarLessonsVancouver Youtube Channel which I've recorded here in my Vancouver guitar lessons studio.

I've designed this particular track so that it sounds great with a C major pentatonic scale. Here is an outline of the jam track's chords:


CHORUS: Am F C G (repeat)

For the guitar gear heads out there, this is what I used to create the track.

Gear used: Fender Telecaster guitar through a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. Keeley Phat Mod drive pedal, Keeley Compressor Plus pedal. Larrivee acoustic guitar, Fender Jazz bass.

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