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Jimi Hendrix Style Hammer On's

Are there any easy Jimi Hendrix licks?

If you know your basic minor pentatonic shape and how to play a hammer on, you can likely play this lick and its variations.

If you love classic rock and you play guitar, there was probably a point in your life in which you wanted to sound like Jimi Hendrix. But every time you look at a tab of Little Wing you see all those numbers and lines and think ... well... that looks hard!

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But there is a fairly easy way to bring a little of that Jimi Hendrix magic into your own playing. My latest YouTube video breaks this technique down into three simple steps:

  1. Play two notes at the same time

  2. Hammer only one of those strings two frets up

  3. Play the original two notes again

Download the tab from the video lesson using the link below.

Download PDF • 53KB

Be sure to watch the video and follow along with the guitar tabs as written. Then try using some of these ideas in your own playing, with a jam track. Try them in both minor, and the relative major, aiming for the root of the major key.

Jimi Hendrix guitar hammer on style tab

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