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Moon River - Easy Guitar Solo

Some of my students really enjoy taking on chord-melody arrangements for their guitar lessons. These present a great challenge for students who are passed learning to strum and want to include some melody in their guitar playing. It's also great for students who don't want to sing as you play both the chords and the vocal melody at the same time.

Here's an easy arrangement of Henry Mancini's "Moon River" that I have taught to many of my students. I picture Holly Golightly sitting on the fire escape whenever I hear this song. You can download the PDF of this from here:

Moon River - Easy Solo Guitar:

Moon River solo guitar arrangement page 1

Moon River solo guitar arrangement page 2

Moon River solo guitar arrangement page 3

Try to keep each chord ringing as long as you can. Keep the tempo slow. What will help is if you can recognize the chord shapes. Try holding the chord shapes and reaching for melody notes when needed.

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