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Never Get Lost on the Fretboard Again

Do you ever find yourself feeling lost on the fretboard, sometimes just when you thought you had it all down? My latest Youtube video shows all the methods I teach to my guitar students here in Vancouver, including using the low E and A strings as landmarks for the entire fretboard which means you don't need to memorize every note on the fretboard -- at least for now.

As promised, below are the charts and tab that accompany the video.

If you haven't done so already, check out my guitar lesson books on Amazon, including "Guitar Soloing Like a Pro" and "Guitar Strumming Like a Pro." I hope to release more books later this year, as soon as I can set aside some time to write them.

Below is the standard "run" from shape 5 to 1 to the extension shape:

The pentatonic "equator" concept is an important one to visualize. It will help prevent you from getting lost as you move below the standard Shape 1, "easy shape."

Below is the second run that travels through the shapes with the root on the A string. This passes through shape 3, 4 and lands at the high root, which is actually a part of shape 5. Again see the video for more details on how this works:

These diagrams will make a lot more sense you watch the accompanying YouTube video in which I walk you through each one. If you enjoy this content, subscribe to my GuitarLessonsVancouver YouTube channel to get lots more of these types of tips on guitar soloing and more.

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