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"Rocket Man" for Fingerstyle Guitar

I have already posted the guitar chords to Rocket Man and now I have a full fingerstyle guitar arrangement of it for you. The melody works especially well on the guitar and the chord sequence gives us lot to play with.

This is one of the more challenging fingerstyle arrangements I've posted so far, so if you are new to fingerstyle guitar you might want to start with some other fingerstyle tabs I have on this site.

I don't normally post dynamic markings but on a song such as this I think it's important to include. So watch out for those crescendos and decrescendos.

I rarely arrange an entire song when I make these. I find hitting the verse once or twice and the chorus is enough. In this case, we have two verses right at the top, two choruses, and then an outro, which mimics the vocal line "... and I think it's gonna be a long, long time." You can repeat any sections as you see fit.

The two verses are slightly different because they are composed to match the lyrics as they are sung by Elton John in the original.

Elton John - Rocket Man ARR
Download PDF • 69KB

The link above will give you a PDF of the arrangement if you want to print it out. Or you can read the entire arrangement here:

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