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Unlock Chord-Scale Connections

Combining chords and scales on the guitar is something that so many guitar students ask me about in their lessons with me here in Vancouver. To many, it seems like such a difficult task because when they look down at the fretboard, they see so many options, too many, and it's all overwhelming.

But the truth of it is that we only need to see a few options at any time. We don't need to see the entire fretboard -- or think about all the music theory possible -- all at once to make a decision. When we have just a few great options, these ideas "light up" on the fretboard whenever we see these opportunities!

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Below is the basic tab from this video showing you where these scales connect to the standard G major bar chord (complete tabs in PDF format, along with additional practice tips are now available on our Patreon)

Guitar tab for Unlock the Chord Scale Connections video

Be sure to watch the video and follow along with the guitar tabs as written. Then try using some of these ideas in your own playing, with a jam track.

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