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Country Guitar Lessons - Lick 02 - Bending Minor 3rd to Major 3rd

This is part two of my new guitar lessons video series I started recently. This video will show you how to play a very common and great-sounding country bend. I discuss the theory behind it, but also show you how to find the lick easily even if you don't fully understand the theory of it.

I've been studying a lot of country guitar styles every since joining Taylor-Rae's country band a couple years ago. And now I'd like to share some of that with all of you.

In this particular lick, we bend the minor third up a half step to the pitch of the major third of the key or the current chord. Starting on the A chord, you bend the C natural at the fifth fret up the pitch of C#, which is the major third of the A chord.

To play the lick, you don't necessarily need to memorize that C# the major 3rd of A, you can also just memorize where this lick happens in relation to the scale shape or in relation to the bar chord, in this case the A major bar chord at the fifth fret. This is demonstrated in the video.</p>

This lick works great as an ending to a longer line. Try playing minor pentatonic but end your line using this bend.

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