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David Gilmour Guitar Solo Arpeggios

I have learned so much from listening to Pink Floyd and David Gilmour over the years. His solos are some of my favourites of all time. His sense for melody, his incredible technique, the bends -- and most especially the sus4 arpeggios he plays in some of his most famous solos.

Guitar Soloing Like a Pro guitar book cover

Don't forget to check out my book, Guitar Soloing Like a Pro. If you'd like lots more great guitar soloing ideas, this book will show you how to break out of the pentatonic boxes and play beautiful, melodic solos, and understand the guitar on a deeper level.

These tabs below are to accompany the Youtube guitar lesson posted this week called "What I Learned from David Gilmour." If you haven't seen that video, please consider subscribing to the GuitarLessonsVancouver channel.

Download PDF • 39KB

You can download the PDF guitar tab using the link above, or all the examples from the video are also pictured below.

David Gilmour style sus4 guitar arpeggios tab

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