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Everly Brothers Dream Harmony Vocals

While most of my videos on this blog and on Youtube are for guitar lessons, I needed some vocal harmony practice on my own so I figured I might as well make a video of what I was practicing. If you're just learning how to sing in harmony, a common song to start with is "Dream" by the Everly Brothers because it's pretty simple to learn and most people have heard it before.

Everly Brothers Dream harmony vocals

Here is a lesson on the vocal harmonies for the song "All I Want to Do is Dream" by the Everly Brothers.

In the video you can hear each harmony part on its own so you can learn the part, then the video flips back and forth so you can practice each part.

Below are the chords to the song. Also, you can download a PDF of the vocal parts transcribed for those who want it.

Vocal Parts Transcribed

Download a PDF of the vocal parts here. Let me know if you find any errors.

Without further ado, the video demo of these harmonies is on Youtube. The video is designed such that you can practice the different parts against my voice.

Guitar Chords for the Song

You'll need to be pretty good with your bar chords for this one. Otherwise, it's pretty easy. The chords in the verse are the same as the chords in the Chorus. They start by playing an E chord and letting it ring out. Then it's:

E C#m A B

Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream

E C#m A B

Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream

Again, the verse is the same except for the last line:

E C#m A B

When I want you in my arms

E C#m A B

When I want you and all your charms

E C#m A B

Whenever I want you, all I have to do is

E C#m A B

Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream

The bridge is a little different:

A G#m

I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine

F#m B E E7

Anytime night or day

A G#m

Only trouble is, gee whiz

F# B (A, G#m, F#m)

I'm dreamin' my life away

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