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Get Back Solo by John Lennon / Beatles

When I watched the "Get Back" documentary that everyone has been talking about, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that John Lennon played the guitar solos in the song. I don't know how I didn't notice that before, even though I've seen the rooftop footage before. I also just assumed it was George Harrison. But it makes sense now that I hear it. I can hear that Epiphone Casino tone all over it.

And as I was saying to some of my students here in our Vancouver guitar lessons, it's also a rather clever little solo that uses three different scales in a short amount of time, very nicely highlighting the two chords (A and D) and going from a major sound to a blues sound.

You can watch my lesson video about this on my guitar lessons Youtube Channel. The tab is here below for those who want to read the tab.

These first two measures (pictured above) are straight out of the A major pentatonic shape with it's root on the A string 12th fret. The "bend and touch" as I call it is a classic country lick.

The song then switches to a D chord, and this next line (below) starts on D major pentatonic then switches quickly to A minor pentatonic, giving it a blues-y ending.

The final two lines are very similar, but the repeat has a syncopated rhythm at the beginning, and a busier blues lick ending.

Watch my instructional video on my lessons Youtube channel:

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