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The Hidden Blue Note?

Over all the years that I have been playing guitar, and teaching guitar, I have studied so many classic rock, blues, and country guitar solos and I have yet to see anyone play the blue note in this particular spot of what I call the "easy shape" of the minor pentatonic scale.

The diagram to the right shows three locations for the blue note in the A minor pentatonic scale. Notice the extra location on the B string that allows you to reach down with your first finger, play the blue note, then slide up the fifth fret.

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Is this the hidden blue note? Why don't other guitar players use it? When it's so easy to play! It's easy to reach for it with the first finger, and having that note in a different spot, under a different finger, means that we are likely to play a different collection of notes than we would normally if we played the blue note in it's usual location on the fretboard.

Download the tabs from the video in PDF format here:

Download PDF • 43KB

The video explains in greater detail how to find and play this blue note in what I call the "easy shape" of minor pentatonic. Memorize these easy licks that will add variety to your own guitar playing and solos.

Guitar tab for The Hidden Blue Note video

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