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What's Missing from Minor Pentatonic?

The minor pentatonic scale is only five notes, which means that there are two notes missing. And one of those notes is the sweetest note we could possibly have -- so we want it back in!

My latest YouTube video shows you how to add the 2 (also known as the 9) back into the minor pentatonic scale so your guitar solos will have that added harmonic richness. Perfect for classic and progressive rock, jazzy RnB solos, and even the blues.

Below are just a few of the licks that I play in the video. You can get more detailed tabs, plus practice tips videos, jam tracks, and master classes from our Patreon group. Check it out today!

This note is perfect for anything rock or blues, or something where some additional melody is needed. This extra notes helps to create much more interesting lines, and harmonies. It's especially useful for anything in the style of Pink Floyd or early Santana.

The following examples are in A minor pentatonic, with the 2 added.

Guitar tab for adding the 2 into minor pentatonic

If you want more tips on soloing on guitar, have a look at my book, Guitar Soloing Like a Pro which is available on Amazon, around the world.

There is so much more to soloing than just the pentatonic boxes.

This book will help you break out of your well-worn habits. Stop meandering around the scale and choose notes with purpose.

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