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The Most Beautiful Guitar Chord?

What is the most beautiful guitar chord in your opinion? I'd say it's the Major-7. It's fairly simple, but still very rich. And it's used in so many different types of music, from rock, soul, funk, folk, and everything in between.

Book cover for Guitar Strumming Like a Pro

My book, "Guitar Strumming Like a Pro" is for anyone who wants to improve their rhythm and strumming technique. It's full of simple but very effective ways to make any open chord sound amazing, including rhythmic patterns, hammers, walks, runs, and more. The book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.


I wanted to make a list of famous songs that feature the major 7 chord, but there are just far too many, it wasn't worth spending the time. In my latest YouTube guitar lesson I teach you how to use the major-7 chord in a common -- but very cool -- chord progression:

The chord progression is:

Fmaj7 | Em7 | Dm7 | Cmaj7

Download the Guitar Tabs:

You can download tab exercises from this video in PDF format from the link below.

Most-Beautiful-Chord-guitar tab
Download PDF • 60KB

And below is just a taste of what is included in this video on my YouTube channel. Remember, if these chords are challenging for you, take it slow. Memorize the shapes, get good at switching between them, then add the extra guitar licks in the tabs.

guitar tab for the most beautiful guitar chord video

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