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Patreon Coming Soon!

I’m really excited to announce that I’m starting a Patreon page to bring you even more guitar lesson content!

Since my GuitarLessonsVancouver Youtube channel has been exploding – we’ve gone from nothing to 10,000 subscribers in just a few months – I’ve been wanting to have a place where I can share additional videos that I think are really helpful but don’t work well on YouTube. For example, analysis of some of my favourite guitar solos in rock history.

And I’d like to bring more detailed lessons with practice tips, continuing in the style that you might be used to seeing me do on YouTube, plus all kinds of extras for Patreon subscribers, including jam tracks, Q&As, more tab downloads, gear talk, and behind-the-scenes.

I hope to launch the Patreon site soon. You can join the waitlist here:

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