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"I'll Follow the Sun" Beatles Fingerstyle Guitar

Album cover for The Beatles I'll Follow the Sun single

A great melody and some sweet lyrics from the Beatles For Sale album, which is a great album by the way--now as famous as it should be. There are so many great cuts on it.

"I'll Follow the Sun" works especially well for a solo fingerstyle guitar arrangement. It's in the key of C so we get to use lots of common guitar chord shapes. The melody starts low in the guitar's register, but it climbs up nicely to a good range.

Watch out for measure 10 -- you might want to use your thumb for the 1st fret root of the F chord there.

Beatles - I'll Follow the Sun ARR
Download PDF • 66KB

Download the free guitar tab using the link above, or you can read the tabs here below.

Guitar tab for fingerstyle arrangement of I'll Follow the Sun

Guitar tab I'll Follow the Sun fingerstyle page 2

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