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"Your Song" Elton John Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

Elton John album cover

It's been a while since I posted a solo fingerstyle guitar arrangement here. I have actually been writing more for my students in their guitar lessons here in Vancouver. I have a couple I'll be posting soon.

We have found that Elton John songs work really well for fingerstyle guitar. There's lots of melody and because they were written for piano, there tends to be more chord movement through each part of the song.

I have changed the key on this so that it fits better on guitar -- in this case in the key of G so we have open position and open strings.

You can download the PDF using the link below or the tab pages are in at the bottom of this post too.

Download PDF • 79KB

Elton John Your Song guitar tab page 1

Elton John Your Song guitar tab page 2

Elton John Your Song guitar tab page 3

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