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"La Vie En Rose" for Baritone Ukulele

Edit Piaf La Vie En Rose album cover

My guitar tab for this song has turned out to be quite popular so I decided to make an arrangement for baritone ukulele as well. This one was especially for my student David who is a big fan of fingerstyle and all things uke.

Like the guitar version, this is in the key of G because it fits the instrument so well. It leaves us with just enough open strings on the bari uke to make the arrangement not too difficult.

In this case, the uke should be tuned to the same notes as the bottom four strings of the guitar, from low to high that's E A D G.

I made a Youtube video of me playing the arrangement. I hope to do this for the guitar version soon, too.

Download PDF • 160KB

Download a PDF of the ukulele tab using the above link. Or you can play the song reading the music on the images below:

La Vie en Rose for Baritone Ukulele page 1

La Vie en Rose for Baritone Ukulele page 2

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