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"La Vie En Rose" for Fingerstyle Guitar

Album cover for Edit Piaf La Vie En Rose

It's one of the finest melodies from Europe, so here is my acoustic guitar fingerstyle arrangement of Edith Piaf's "La Vie En Rose."

When I was 18 and just out of high-school, I travelled to France all on my own. I'm not sure why I insisted on going solo but for some reason I was determined to do so. I had the quintessential Paris moment on that trip and I'll never forget it. I was sitting on a small patch of grass right next to the Seine and just across from Notre Dame Cathedral. Two young women sat nearby and one of them gently sang La Vie En Rose. No reason why. Probably just because it was such a beautiful day, or maybe she could tell I wasn't from around there and wanted to show off.

I've written this in the key of G as it works well for a solo guitar arrangement. Most of the song is in open position but there are a few challenging chord grabs that are necessary to get those jazz chords in there. (If you are in the Vancouver area and you need help, consider taking some guitar lessons here with me at my studio.)

TIP: I recommend using the thumb of your right hand to hold down that low G note for most of the verse melody. You can see a small "t" for thumb is indicated in the standard notation.

Download • 65KB

Download a PDF of the guitar tab using the link above, or you can read all the music right here with the images below.

La Vie En Rose Fingerstyle guitar tab page 1

La Vie En Rose Fingerstyle guitar tab page 2

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