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So Far Away - Carol King Arrangement for Guitar

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Carol King album cover for So Far Away

Here's the latest fingerstyle guitar arrangement I wrote for my guitar lessons students here in Vancouver. Carol King's "So Far Away." It's not an easy one, but the tempo is slow. And what a great song. I've tried to emulate some of the piano licks that she plays, especially in the intro as you'll hear.

Download the complete tab using the link below. This is an intermediate-level arrangement with an intro, two separate verses, the bridge, and an ending.

Carol King - So Far Away ARR
Download PDF • 111KB

The complete tab is below:

Guitar arrangement for fingerstyle Carol King So Far Away page 1

Fingerstyle guitar arrangement Carol King So Far Away page 2

Guitar arrangement fingerstyle Carol King So Far Away page 3

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