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"Nowhere Man" Beatles Fingerstyle Guitar Tab

The Beatles Nowhere Man album cover

The opening harmony to this song is stunning. The whole thing is just perfect. So here's a solo fingerstyle guitar tab for The Beatles' song "Nowhere Man." There's a little guitar lesson below to help you learn the song.

I've tried to make the intro as interesting as the original, but I didn't do the harmonies the same as the original. I'm more interested in arranging songs so that that work well for solo guitar, which means I might change some things here and there.

Notice that your guitar should be tuned in "Drop D" tuning. If you want to match the original key, you can Capo the 2nd fret. Or just play it without the capo if you don't mind it being a whole step down. It doesn't matter if no one is singing.

In this arrangement I also decided to make the later verse on page 2 much different than the first verse. Often, I'll just use repeats but I had two great ideas for the verses and so I decided to include them both. It keeps the piece more interesting if you play the whole thing.

You can download a free PDF of the guitar tab below. Or just read the tab from the images I've also included here.

Download PDF • 84KB

Nowhere Man guitar tab arrangement page 1

Nowhere Man guitar tab arrangement page 2

Nowhere Man guitar tab arrangement page 3

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