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Pearl Jam "Just Breathe" Guitar Tab

Most of the fingerstyle guitar tabs I've posted here are arrangements combining rhythm and melody. In this case I'm just posting tab for this song because there's quite a discrepancy online. People seem to have tabbed this out quite differently. The guitar part is played so fast that it's really quite hard to tell by listening, but this is the way I teach it in my guitar lessons here in Vancouver.

Pearl Jam Just Breathe album cover

The main thing I try to do is use the open G string at the end of bar two. Some people have it as an E note (2nd fret of the D string). That makes it much harder to play. So for my guitar students I tend to teach it with the open G. Again, it's really hard to tell in the recording. The G note is still in the chord, so it sounds great. And it's significantly easier to play.

I've divided the song into four basic parts: The Intro and the Verse are essentially the same part. Then you have what I'm calling the Chorus ("Stay with me..."), the Bridge ("Did I say that I need you?"), and the ending with it's lovely Fmaj7 chord.

Download PDF • 72KB

You can download a PDF of the tab using the link above. Or, here's the Intro and Verse part:

Pearl Jam Just Breathe tab Intro and Verse

The Chorus starts with an Am chord shape then an F chord.

Pearl Jam Just Breathe tab Chorus

The Bridge is a much longer section, starting with a G chord shape, a Dm, an F etc:

Pearl Jam Just Breathe tab Bridge

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