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Frank Sinatra "My Way" Fingerstyle Guitar

I've been a big fan of Frank Sinatra for many years and I never seem to tire of his singing. It's not guitar based music but it's good for us sometimes to listen to music outside of the genres we typically play. And Sinatra was truly one of the finest singers that ever lived.

Here's a fingerstyle guitar arrangement I made of "My Way," a later Sinatra hit. The song works really well on guitar and makes for pretty easy interpretation with mostly common chord shapes.

TIPS: Watch out for that Dm(maj7) in bar 6 though. It can look like a regular Dm but it definitely is not. What a great chord! For bar 10, notice that you can use the thumb of your left hand for the low G note. That makes it much easier to play that Gm chord.

Frank Sinatra - My Way ARR
Download PDF • 56KB

Download a printable PDF version of my arrangement using the link above or just enjoy playing the song from the images below.

My Way Frank Sinatra Fingerstyle Guitar page 1

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