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"Stand By Me" Fingerstyle Guitar

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

As part of teaching guitar lessons here in Vancouver I occasionally get the opportunity to write solo fingerstyle guitar arrangements by request from my students. This past week I wrote one for Ben E King's classic "Stand by Me."

The original song is in A but I've written this in the key of G as it works well for fingerstyle guitar. The intro gives us the memorable bass line you'll recognize instantly. The "x's" in the tab show where you can hit the strings with your right hand to make a percussive sound, again emulating the intro in the original.

You can download the PDF here or just view the tab in the images below.

Ben E King - Stand By Me ARR 02
Download PDF • 63KB

Take care with the tempo. Try keeping it slow at first. And notice that you'll need to use the thumb of your left hand at times to get that low F# on some of those bars.

Fingerstyle tab for Ben E King Stand By Me page 1

Fingerstyle tab for Ben E King Stand By Me page 2

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