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You Are My Sunshine Fingerstyle Guitar

One of my guitar students here in Vancouver just celebrated the birth of his first granddaughter and requested a solo fingerstyle arrangement of "You Are My Sunshine" that he could learn to play for her.

You Are My Sunshine 78 record

This one is fairly easy. The melody is the same each time around, though I have made the arrangement get a little more complex the second time through, adding some additional harmony to make it more instructive for guitar lessons.

I made a video for this one so you can see the way it's played. I hope to make more videos of the other fingerstyle guitar tabs I have over time.

The tab is below along with the Youtube video lesson.

Download the tab in PDF format using the link below.

Download PDF • 104KB

You Are My Sunshine fingerstyle guitar tab page 1

You Are My Sunshine fingerstyle guitar tab page 2

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